Cole Palmer – Player Analysis

Cole Palmer – Player Analysis

Step into the dynamic world of football talent with a detailed player analysis focusing on the rising star, Cole Palmer. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of Palmer’s playing style, exploring his strengths, weaknesses, key attributes, and the potential impact he brings to the pitch. As a promising young talent emerging in an otherwise underachieving Chelsea team, Palmer’s journey and skill set offer a fascinating narrative for football enthusiasts and analysts alike. Join us as we uncover the nuances of Cole Palmer’s game, examining what sets him apart and his potential trajectory in the football world.

Off-the-ball Movement

Cole Palmer is known for his movement, always running to help his teammates. His football intelligence allows him to find and exploit open spaces, creating goals and assists for his team.

Operating in the Pockets

Palmer is usually positioned in the pockets between the midfield and defense. He places himself between players, which can cause the defenders confusion regarding who should mark him.

Getting the ball in these spaces allows him to turn and attack the defense. Palmer’s speed and technical brilliance enable many alternative ways of beating the backline and creating chances from these positions.

He will usually do this by driving at the defense for as long as possible, waiting for an opposition defender to push up. When the defender pushes up, he will either play the ball to an open teammate or dribble past the defender, creating a goalscoring opportunity.

Dropping and Playmaking

Even though Cole Palmer likes being in the pockets, he sometimes drops to help his teammates lower on the pitch, picking up the ball in front of the opposition’s forwards and playing it somewhere else.

Palmer gets very unpredictable and difficult to mark because he moves so much. He can successfully contribute both lower in Chelsea’s build-up and higher up between the lines, which always makes him an attacking threat.

Runs in Behind

When Chelsea have the ball, Cole Palmer will make all sorts of runs in behind, utilizing his speed to be first to the ball. His runs are always well-timed and in the correct spaces, and he gives his teammates great conditions to find these runs with precise through-balls.

Even if he does not receive the ball from these runs, he will have opened up more space for his teammates. These runs are, therefore, very important for Chelsea’s style of play.


Runs into the Box

Even though Cole Palmer often drops, he always gets into the box for crosses. His pace allows him to beat the defenders to the ball, which, partnered with his ability to find the open spaces, enables him to score many goals from crosses.

Cole Palmer has a great eye for finding the spaces in the box. Through constant scanning, he always sees where the defenders are moving, which allows him to see where the space is. Palmer predominantly scores goals from cut-backs in crossing situations, using well-timed runs to get into the desired space.

Long Shots

Cole Palmer’s long shots are one of his greatest assets and a dominant source of goals. Chelsea often push down the opposition’s backline through their dynamic wing play, creating space for Palmer in front of the backline.

From there, Palmer can use his wand of a left foot to score powerful long shots. The threat of these long shots also forces the opposition defense to push up and close the space for Palmer. This opens spaces inside the box for Palmer’s teammates to exploit.



Palmer’s accurate passing allows him to find his teammates with through-balls. He will produce unbelievable passes, beating the defense and creating opportunities for his teammates. Palmer can find these passes against both a high defense and a low defense, playing the ball in behind for a running forward.


Cole Palmer often gets himself into crossing situations during the game. He has an incredible eye for finding his teammates, using different techniques depending on where the opponents and teammates are. Most of his crosses come from the half-spaces, just in front of the opposition midfield, looking to find players in the space between the goalkeeper and backline towards the back post.


Chelsea usually defend in a 1-4-4-2 formation. In this system, Palmer can play both as a striker;

And as right midfielder:

No matter where he is playing, Palmer makes sure to help his team when defending. His relentless pursuit of the ball, intelligent positioning, and willingness to cover every blade of grass make him a standout player when it comes to work rate. When playing as a right midfielder, he will often come down deep to help his fullback against the opposition winger.

Palmer’s work rate is also present in defensive transitions. He will often be first into the counter-press, trying to win the ball back after losing it. Likewise, he is a massive asset in the high press, relentlessly going at the opposition players to win the ball.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this player analysis of Cole Palmer illuminates the promising talent that he brings to the footballing world. Palmer’s technical prowess, intelligence on the field, and versatility make him a valuable asset for Chelsea FC and a player to watch in the future. As he continues to develop and refine his skills, Cole Palmer has the opportunity to carve out a significant role within the team and leave a lasting impact on the sport. With dedication, hard work, and the right mentorship, Palmer has all the ingredients to become a standout performer for club and country in the coming years.

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